Some people like the consistent vertical grain of our rift sawn floors, or the many color and finish options of our pre-finished boards, but for those who want truly one-of-a-kind floor, hand-scraped planks are often the best option.

Our team of wood flooring experts has over 80 years of experience with the craftsmanship of hand-scraping, so we can give you a unique floor with a character all its own. As each board is scraped, it develops its own pattern, with some of the natural characteristics of the wood retained, and others enhanced. The result is a visually stunning, textured floor that catches the eye each time you walk into the room.

Other companies offer scraped floors that are done by machine, which creates a uniform pattern that does not offer the same degree of authenticity as planks that have been handcrafted one by one, as we prefer to do.

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